Use of Maca powder is something that has been done during hundreds of years in the Andean Region of Sud- America. In these section you can find the answers to the principal questions like how much and how to consume Maca powder. You can also find some links to other sections where we provide more detailed information.


How to use Maca powder


When talking about Maca powder, the first question to come is related to how it should be consumed or used to obtain the best of it benefits. The answer is not that complicated, Maca powder should be consumed with our main daily food rations. Maca powder is perfect to be mixed with our soup, Smoothies or shacks from natural fruits. 

A daily consumption will bring us great benefits to our Health and wellness, but usually here emerges the second question, and that is related to the daily dose or daily portion to be consumed. since it is not a medical product intended to cure, treat or prevent any disease, it can’t be established a daily dose. We want to high light that Maca powder is a natural product, it does not contains any Artificial Color, Flavor or Sweetener, no Preservatives, no Sugar, and as a Supplement is not intended to replace your normal diet, and even there is no contraindications, you should consult your Doctor if you have any question or concern about its use. 

It is possible to find in Internet a lot of information related to the Maca Powder, unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation too or that at least is not really accurate. In order to obtain the most of the benefits from the Maca powder, we recommend you to read our section about the daily dose or recommended portions to be consumed. This is not a definitive answer to the question but we consider a good approach considering some factors like a persons weight and daily activity.  Read more…


Maca powder recipes


The simplest and practical form to consume Maca is blending it with natural fruits juice, Shacks or Smoothies. Otherwise it is possible to be consumed in soups, pastry or also in cakes. However we should consider that like any natural product, when it is cooked under high temperatures, a part of the Vitamins and nutrients can be lost from our precious Maca Powder. To try to avoid or at least to minimize these undesirable effects, we have included some great tips in our section “recipes with Maca Powder”

In these Section we have some great recipes with Natural Fruit Juice and Maca Powder, Soups, pastry and cakes. We will continuously adding new recipes and updating the section always looking tho get the most from our Maca Powder. Read more…